The Yanchep Red Hawks Football Club started at the end of the 1994 Junior Football season with a game of Dads against the Juniors at the Junior wind up day at Charnwood Reserve in Two Rocks. After the game all the parents and kids had a BBQ and a beverage, the dads sat around having a chat and at some stage Kenny Myles suggested having a scratch match. We all agreed.

 Ken and Denise Myles put flyers up all over Yanchep and Two Rocks and a couple of weeks later our first scratch match amongst us was played. Approximately 40 players turned up with friends and family with about 70 people in total. Everyone had a great time and we decided to do it again.  We played about 5 or 6 games amongst ourselves that year and the social atmosphere after each game was great!

 Ken Myles was the main driver behind organising BBQ's and drinks and most days ended with people going back to Ken and Denise's house in the evenings. At one of these gatherings we discussed forming a social football club and a short time later an informal meeting was held at Ken’s house.  Ken, Gary Gannaway, Mick Sutherland, Peter McGrath, Dave Hall and Jason Spaulding attended and we decided we could get a team together to play some social footy.

We decided amongst ourselves who would nominate for positions on a committee with Ken as President, Gary Vice President, Dave as treasurer and Mick as secretary. After the next scratch match, Ken told everyone about our plan to start a social footy club which we all agreed was a great idea and the committee positions were elected unopposed.

 We initially called ourselves the Sun City Social Football Club but had discussed calling ourselves the Hawks as there was a team back in the 70's that played a few games in Yanchep that called themselves the Sea Hawks. Eventually we decided to call ourselves the Yanchep Red Hawks.

 In the 1995 footy season we played more scratch matches amongst ourselves and Ken lined up a scratch match against Lancelin for the beginning of 1996 which turned out to be a long standing tradition of preseason games against the Lancelin Pirates. Some of these games had huge crowds at games we played at the Yanchep National Park East Oval.

 In 1996 we also played games against Detco Engineering, Manning and Canningvale. Ken found an ad in the West Side Football magazine from the Mercantile League asking for interested clubs to join a competition playing fortnightly and so in 1997 we joined the Mercantile Sunday League.

 Since then, the Yanchep Red Hawks have won three grand finals in 2000, 2002 and 2014.  2015 marked an historic change for the Club with a move into the Western Australian Amateur Football League competition. We have all been very excited and happy with the move and we do not underestimate the important role we all play both on and off the field.