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Club Policies and Procedures

This area is to share with our members the guidelines we expect them to follow as a member of our club. When you register with the club you are acknowledging you agree to the below - we look forward to having you are a club member for the upcoming season!


Code of Conduct

The Yanchep Red Hawks Football Club in the Perth Football League aims to be a premier location for entertaining, family friendly football in comfortable and social surroundings.


The below Code of Conduct applies to all members of the club at home and away games, official Club of League functions and other non-football situations or events endorsed or supported by the Club.


All Members and supporters are therefore requested to uphold the following requirements and values including;

  1. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all persons involved in the Yanchep Red Hawks Football Club and the Perth Football League by treating everyone equally regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin or religion.

  2. Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour by not using foul or abusive language, racial vilification or physical intimidation towards umpires, opposition players and coaches, game officials or other spectators.

  3. Not engage in contact which would be likely to bring the Yanchep Red Hawks Football Club or the Perth Football League into disrepute.

  4. Respect the right of other spectators to enjoy the game in an enjoyable and safe environment.

  5. Respect a player’s space whilst on the oval and allow them room to warm up, enter and leave the oval, and at game breaks.

  6. Not engage in verbal abuse or direct foul language towards umpires or umpires’ officials at any stage during or after the game and allow all game officials to enter an depart the playing arena without interruption or disturbance.

  7. Follow the directions of the Yanchep Red Hawks Football Club appointed game day Club administration staff in relation to all matters both on and off the field.

  8. Not engage in verbal criticism if the Club Committee to others in a way that is negative towards the committee and its volunteer members. Criticism of the committee members or the Club committee should be put in writing to the President via email or by post to the Club at 14 Port Place, Yanchep WA 6035.

  9. Adhere to the no smoking policy at all sporting grounds along with the guidelines of the Yanchep Red Hawks Football Club.

  10. Drink responsibility and adhere to the responsible service of alcohol guidelines at Splendid Oval. Patrons are also advised that it is an offence to bring any alcohol to the playing ground or club room.


All members who attend matches agree to abide by the above Code of Conduct and associated policies in keeping with crowd behaviour. Yanchep Red Hawks Football Club reserves the right to revoke memberships or game day attendances should any offence by committed. Should a ban be warranted, no compensation will be provided and all penalties are at the discretion of the Yanchep Red Hawks Football Club.


The Club treats breaches of this code very seriously. Should you experience continual issues with other members or supporters surrounding you, please email a written complaint to or by post to the Club at 14 Port Place, Yanchep WA 6035 and a committee member will contact you to discuss the follow-up actions required.


Red and Yellow Cards

Should a player receive a Yellow or Red card during a game, the process the leadership group and committee will take is as follows;


  • Counselling the Player one on one - Coach to Player, in helping the player to understand the modern game of football, spirit of the game, code of conduct, Perth Amateur Football League rules, the concept of club culture, and in bringing the club into disrepute.


  • Getting the Leadership Group involved and engaged to determine if further sanctions are deemed necessary and assisting in educating the Player in all mentioned above.



  • Having a Player sign a letter of agreement from the Yanchep Red Hawks Football Club to follow the Yanchep Red hawks Football Club Code of Conduct in its values and the requirement to play within the spirit of the game at all times.


  • The process of discipling the Player would be Player driven and Club supported so that upon recommendation from the Leadership Group where a player commits an offence that is detrimental to football or a reportable offence in which the Player is found guilty (red card), the Player will receive one additional week suspension on top of the Perth Amateur Football League imposed suspension. Where a player receives two Red Cards in a given season, the suspension imposed by the Perth Amateur Football League will be doubled.


Each incident should be considered on a case by case basis, however, repeat offenders, or more serious cases, these measures should be an effective process to deter negative behaviour


Club Contitution and Handbook

This information will be emailed to all new members upon registrations.

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